Fashion Test Drive: Tory Burch's Tory Sneaker

Accessories director Julia Gall takes Tory Burch's newest kicks for a spin.

Fashion Test Drive: Tory Burch's Tory Sneaker

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At Marie Claire, we love to be the first to discover what will become the hottest accessories and looks for the upcoming season. But instead of simply identifying the latest It items, we’ve decided to go one step further. Welcome to Fashion Test Drive: our ongoing series where editors demo must-have pieces before they arrive in stores—and in your closet. Next up: Tory Burch's Tory Sneaker.

Tory Burch sneaker


Tory Burch Tory Sneaker

The Tory Sneaker is an ode to a vintage athletic aesthetic, a design point that is part of the Tory Burch brand DNA. According to Burch herself, “We have been refining our vision of what an ideal sneaker would be and it had to combine retro details and ultimate comfort. I love '70s sneakers—they are always chic and look great dressed up or down.” Here for it, Tory. Now, let's get laced-up and see what this shoe is all about.

Let's Break Down The Facts

The Tory Sneaker is a slim fitting sneaker that fits more like a lightweight boxing shoe than a typical retro jogger. I love a shoe that literally and figuratively keeps me on my toes! Since the temperature has dropped, I've been more active than ever (peep the loop above!), so a sneaker that I don't have to sacrifice style for is a win-win in my book.

In terms of sizing, I have a pretty narrow foot and wear a size 9. The shoe fit true-to-size for me, but if you're between sizes or need a little more space/want to accommodate a cushy sock, I'd recommend going up a half size.

It's versatile. The nylon base of the shoe is flexible and super lightweight, which meant it worked for any kind of activity I tried to get into. And the touch of suede brings back that retro vibe and makes it a stylish option for wearing with anything from slip skirts to bike shorts. I'll admit I wasn't a huge "sneaker and a dress" fan before this test drive, but the narrow shape feels fresher paired with something feminine than the clunky Dad sneaker. The black-and-brown combo I tried out is a no-brainer colorway for fall dressing.

The Bottom Line

The Tory Sneaker is a fresh take on a retro classic, putting style first. However, its lightweight nylon fabrication and slim fit makes it a nimble shoe for a bevy of fall activities, giving my actual trainers a run for their money.

What to Wear with Your Tory Sneaker

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