Power Pick: Sweaty Betty Makes the Most Flattering Leggings I've Ever Worn

One pair sells every 60 seconds and now I see why!

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The moment I discovered all workout leggings are definitely not the same occurred in a December 2019 barre class. I was a few minutes into being yelled at to tuck in my pelvis when, not unlike the parting of the seas, the pair I was wearing tore right up the crotch.

As I debated whether or not to get my money's worth for the class at the risk of my peers seeing my underwear, a personal goal was created: I would find The Best Leggings Out There. To me, this meant a durable pair with a comfy feel, flattering fit, and no falling down nonsense. In the crowded sea of brands that make leggings, I soon found myself kissing a lot of toads.

But, alas, enter Sweaty Betty. When I had an opportunity to try the British retailer's best-selling Power leggings, I was intrigued. I'd seen an Instagram ad about how one pair sold every 90 seconds in 2020 and was already familiar with how many celebrities were fans of the brand. (Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Middleton have been spotted in SB over the years, just to name a few!) These days, they sell every 60 seconds (!).

Fast forward to me trying on my first pair of Power leggings—a moment that had the opening number of The Lion King playing inside my head. In an instant, all other leggings were ruined for me. I am now of the unwavering opinion that these are, in fact, the best leggings money can buy.

Setting the Power leggings apart from hundreds of subpar leggings out there is their wildly flattering fit, sweat-wicking fabric, and comfy-for-all-day feel. They're stretchy and sculpting in all the right places (read: my butt and thighs), have a discrete adjustable drawcord (though they already stay in place on their own), and have pockets. To give you a sense of just how comfortable these are, I've opted to wear mine on eight-hour flights and have accidentally fallen asleep in them more than once. I’ve also worn the Power leggings for their intended use too, which is working out. They work perfectly for yoga, spinning, barre, HIIT, and attempts at running that turn into long, contemplative walks listening to Drake.

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I'm normally not one to fork up $100 on anything, let alone workout clothes, but if you're after a pair of leggings that will feel and look good enough to wear all day long, these are undoubtedly worth the splurge. Sweaty Betty's Power leggings are available in more than 20 colors and patterns, all of which can be found in 7/8 and full length crops. Shop Sweaty Betty Power leggings and more favorites from the brand, below.


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