10 Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Check out these easy tips for making those inexpensive purchases look like a million bucks.

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1. Switch out buttons. Changing the buttons on coats, blazers, or even a silk shirt, will immediately elevate the piece.

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2. Head to the dry cleaners! Dry cleaning cheaper clothing immediately makes it look better. Start taking tops, dresses, and pants, as well as sweaters and heavier items such as coats and jackets, into your dry cleaners. They won't wear out nearly as fast, and almost always come back looking better.

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3. Remove unnecessary accessories. Removing excess hardware, such as dangling charms and extra shoulder handles, will instantly make your handbag look streamlined and chic.

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4. Look after your things! Taking extra care to look after your shoes, bags, and clothes—even if they aren't expensive—will ensure they last longer and look better. Stuff bags with tissue paper before putting them away, and moisturize leather handbags to remove scratches and scuffs.

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5. Buy menswear. Menswear often offers better fabrications, especially for button-up shirts and sweaters, and if you choose the smallest size, will almost always fit. Trust us, you'll be rocking that French-girl-sweater look better than anyone.

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6. Visit the shoe repair. Invest in your shoes. Even that pair of heels from Zara will look better after a re-sole and clean from the shoe repair store.

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7. Store things correctly. Storing clothes on wooden or felt hangers and putting things away really do help them to last longer, and remain in good condition.

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8. Visit the tailor. Want to make that blazer from Zara look like it's Calvin Klein? Head to the tailor. Shortening sleeves and hems, nipping things at the waist, and slimming trousers can take a piece from blah to wow.

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9. Change bag straps. Switching out straps and hardware on your bags might seem time consuming, but it can make a huge difference. Change clip clasps for solid ones (your local shoe repair should be able to do this), or ask them to change the strap completely. For only a fraction of the price, it will look like you have a new bag!

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10. Remove labels. Sometimes just looking at a garment with a cheaper label can change your opinion of it, so take a pair of nail scissors and snip them out! Now if anyone asks who made your top (and wants to take a look inside to check), you can tell them it's vintage!

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