Glee's Nolan Gerard Funk is Half-Naked for Versace (PHOTOS)

Christmas came early this year, folks.

Glee's Nolan Gerard Funk is Half-Naked for Versace
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Thank goodness for Versace. The brand has done the entire human race a favor by shooting GLEE's Nolan Gerard Funk half-naked for their new underwear campaign. Because one is never enough, we included more drool-worthy pics of the actor/singer/model/Greek God. HOT. HOT. SO HOT.

Nolan Gerard in leather, showing skin

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Leather and skin, that's all we need.

Nolan Gerard in suit, on grass

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

The grass is always greener when he's standing on top of it.

Nolan Gerard in plaid

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

The real reason plaid is so popular.

Nolan Gerard in denim

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Jean jackets are cool, but we wish he was wearing us, instead.

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