The Best Outfits Selena Gomez Has Ever Worn

She's a fashion superstar.

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What turns a Hollywood artist into a bona fide fashion superstar? The dynamic marriage of a celebrity and a brilliant stylist. Once stars have made a name for themselves in Hollywood, they need to build a strong team behind them, and the relationship between a celeb and a wardrobe stylist, in particular, deserves recognition. One of our favorite duos is none other than Selena Gomez and Kate Young. Young is responsible for creating some of Gomez's most memorable looks, both on and off the red carpet.

Childhood star, singer and one of the most followed people on Instagram, Gomez has been on the scene since her teenage years. We've seen her style grow from her Disney Channel days to now more elegant, adult red carpet looks. It's natural that Gomez partnered with Young, who is also a seasoned leader in her own field, who has worked with the likes of Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, and Sienna Miller. Young makes sure that Gomez looks sleek, polished and refined 24/7. When talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Young explained that "with each one of my clients...I am thinking about their body and their style. Their style is both their taste and my version of them, combined."

Ahead, we rounded up Gomez's most memorable looks, showcasing how her and Young, together, are unstoppable forces in fashion. Because building an image is truly a marriage of the minds and being on the same creative wavelength. And when these factors all come together? Boom, dynamite.


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Katie Attardo

Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.