Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas to Pay Tribute With

It's time to retire the cat ears.

Breaking news: Halloween is just around the corner. Okay, maybe it's a little while off yet, but let's be real—it's never too early to start thinking about your costume. (opens in new tab) There are two groups of people when it comes to dressing up for Halloween: the kind who plan their costume months in advance, (opens in new tab) and those who find themselves resorting to cat ears for the fifth year in a row. If you're the latter group, it's time to retire the cat ears, because it's so easy to come up with a hilarious and easy costume based on a memorable pop culture moment. (opens in new tab) To that end, we've put together costume ideas inspired by recent pop culture, ranging from Britney's iconic 2001 VMAs performance to everyone's favorite TV villain, Carole Baskin. These costumes are cheap, easy to recreate, and above all, very recognizable. Bottom line: I guarantee that these costume ideas will make you a Halloween person.

Shelby Comroe is the Credits Editor and Fashion Assistant at Marie Claire covering all things fashion and giving credit where credit is due. Check her out @shelbycomroe on Instagram if buying designer handbags is your idea of a retirement plan!