Gigi Hadid's Suit Sets Are the Opposite of Corporate

The model showed two sides of herself—and her work wardrobe—during a photoshoot in NYC.

Gigi Hadid pink fur maybelline photoshoot
Gigi Hadid went from suited-up and trendy to pink and furry during a photoshoot in NYC.
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First she's sour, then she's sweet. Gigi Hadid showed off both sides this week—and served some unexpected suiting outfit ideas—with a dramatic costume change during a Maybelline photoshoot in New York City.

The model started off strutting a closed-down city street and pretending to a hail cab wearing an avant-garde suit. The look couldn't be further from a typical work outfit, with a dramatic cropped blazer and extra-slouchy trousers.

gigi hadid maybelline shoot suit

Gigi Hadid wore an avant-garde version of the popular sexy suit style.

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Hadid's blazer has the fit of a traditional men's suit jacket on top, but ends around the ribcage. Its breast pocket changes shape into a thin belt with metal, diamond-shaped hardware that loops through the lapel. She layered the shape-shifting piece over a crisp, white button down with a slashed length.

Her wide-leg, high-waisted trousers were set with a black wrap belt featuring an oblong silver buckle. She accessorized with chunky gold rings and black pointed toe heels that peeked out from beneath the floor-grazing pants' hem. At press time, neither Hadid nor her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, had shared the designers behind the look.

gigi hadid maybelline shoot

The model strutted down the city streets for her Maybelline photoshoot in NYC.

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For her next trick, the model changed up the vibe in a pink furry jacket, a matching gray wool set, and gray-blue suede pointed toe heels, with a pair of sheer black tights underneath.

gigi hadid maybelline shoot pink fur

Gigi Hadid kept the alt-business theme going in a matching gray wool set.

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The gray set kept with the alt-business theme with a button-front, bustier, vest-like top and loose-fitting pleated trousers to match. But a dusty blush pink fur coat, cropped and hooded with a zip-up closure, makes it feel so much more whimsical than a typical 9-to-5 set.

gigi hadid maybelline shoot pink fur

Hadid's pink fur took the look from classy to cute.

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This is far from Hadid's first Maybelline shoot. She's worked with the beauty brand on several commercials and even Gigi Hadid x Maybelline collections in the past.

It's also not the first time Hadid has found new ways to remix workwear, on and off the job. Just last week, she styled her leggings in a business casual direction with an oversize blazer and platform loafers. Let her looks be a lesson: Suiting doesn't always have to feel corporate.


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