Jennifer Lopez's Schiaparelli Rose Coat Is Made of Hundreds of Real Petals

Forget a bouquet from Ben—how about a custom-made coat of flowers?

Jlo Schiaparelli
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Every girl dreams of receiving a well-curated rose bouquet from their lover—but how about hundreds of roses in the form of a coat from their favorite fashion house? It’s a dream come true for Jennifer Lopez, who swapped a bouquet from Ben Affleck for a rose-petal coat custom-crafted for the star by Daniel Roseberry, Schiaparelli’s Creative Director. Lopez wore her stunning floral outerwear to the fashion house's Spring/Summer 2024 Couture runway, which kicked off this season’s Couture Week in Paris in a collection that found inspiration in cowboys and aliens.

For the runway presentation, Lopez stepped out of her style comfort zone (and we love her for it!). Her entire outfit was stunning, but the most jaw-dropping piece was, of course, her oversized white rose coat, so we're starting there. Roseberry made the coat from live rose petals (!) which he tells i-D Magazine “were conserved by feeding them sugar water. They aren’t dried—they’re actually real.”

First of all, our jaw is on the floor. Second, we can only imagine how great J.Lo smelled wrapped up in hundreds of real roses. “I'm in a living piece of art right now!” she added. The jacket was draped over her shoulders and worn undone to reveal the rest of her outfit. 

Jennifer Lopez Schiaparelli

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Underneath Lopez's rose coat was the brand’s Skeleton Trompe-L’oeil Knit, which features exaggerated sleeves (to mimic the Italian maison’s emblematic bird, a dove) with white satin pieces in a skeleton motif. You can see the hook-shaped piece in the center of J.Lo’s turtleneck knit, while the back is detailed with key-hole rivets and a satin piece in the shape of a stem that is meant to be the “spine.” It refers to the brand’s Skeleton Dress of the 1938 Circus collection, which was designed in collaboration with Salvador Dalí.

J.Lo is right: She’s truly wearing a living piece of art!

jennifer lopez Schiaparelli white rose coat

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Let’s break down the rest of her look: Her knit was tucked into her black leggings, which were cinched by a white belt that had gold detailing and a lock charm hanging off the belt loops. In contrast to her black leggings were her velvet pumps that boasted the house’s gold keyhole emblem. 

jennifer lopez schiaparelli

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Hold for applause; we still have yet to get to the accessories! She wore the iconic Anatomy Jewelry Bag, which looks like a human face (the epitome of creepy chic) with equally as iconic Schiaparelli sunglasses that were molded to appear like gold eyebrows and eyeballs. Her wet-effect mini-bob was the perfect addition and added to the statuesque feel of the clothing and accessories.  

It’s official: Lopez is a surrealist Schiaparelli girl! And we only have one request: More J.Lo in bold looks like this one, please! Her Schiaparelli outfit magnified her A-list status tenfold. Dare we say it’s her best look yet?

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