Hudson Jeans Abandons Photoshop and Models for Its New Ad Campaign

And we've got exclusive pics.

(Image credit: Hudson Jeans)

Hudson Jeans has a strict new policy: No more unnecessary Photoshop. Last fall, CEO and Founder Peter Kim decided to make a stand by re-launching Hudson, aiming to disrupt the denim market by pledging to use real people with compelling stories in future ad campaigns. 

"I was watching a documentary called MissRepresentation and found myself mad at the world for how out of control this issue had gotten," Kim told "I have two young girls of my own, and I thought about how this over-Photoshopped world was affecting them. Images that pump us full of self-hate and insecurity, and then capitalize on it. Then I realized that we too were participating in this,and could at least affect change through our own company."

Photoshopped images "pump us full of self-hate and insecurity, and then capitalize on it."

Hudson's newest ad (shown exclusively here) is Kim's first example of a reimagined denim advertisement. Featuring Madeline Harmon—a vintage denim collector who wears it almost every day—and shot by Arto Saari, a photographer who also happens to be a professional skater, the ad is a big leap from what we normally see when it comes to jeans.  There are no half-naked models with perfect behinds, no glimpses of what is typically depicted as the "ideal" body. It's just Madeline, looking pretty damn ecstatic. 


(Image credit: Hudson Jeans)


(Image credit: Hudson Jeans)

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