Here's What Happens When Real Women Wear Rihanna's Dior Sunglasses IRL

"@badgalriri liked."

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If you've seen RiRi in the wild as of late, chances are she's donning a very particular set of shades. Holographic, visor-like, and so sharp they could cut glass, they're her new collaboration with Dior.

Dubbed the "Rihanna" collection, the single frame, which costs $840 and comes in six different colors, looks like it was plucked from another galaxy—and not by accident, considering the singer was inspired by none other than Star Trek's La Forge.

Because these shades are the epitome of Marie Claire fashion closet dreams (i.e. Instagram catnip), we decided to go back to the future and test-drive them knowing full well RiRi is the only one who can truly pull them off. Here's what happened:

1. Lori Keong, Assistant Digital Editor

"Wearing RiRi's glasses felt like wearing the #future, as if I were a sci-fi cyborg or robot come to life. The sheer bad-assery of these shades (plus the reaction from curious passersby) trumped any doubts I had about straying from my typical round sunnies. And then the unthinkable happened: @badgalriri herself bestowed her blessings on Instagram and I felt touched by an angel. So blessed, so moved, so grateful, can't believe this is my life, never going to take it for granted."

2. Carolina O'Neill, Fashion News Editor

"I've always been more of a Star Wars fan, so when I heard Rihanna's new shades for Dior were inspired by La Forge from Star Trek, I was naturally skeptical. With my strong jawline, I thought for sure I'd look insane in these things. Straight up, I'll admit they weren't the most flattering. But then a funny thing happened—I wore them around a while, got used to them, and started to play. A few tilts down over my nose to give people the eye, and I started to feel like a total badass. In fact, I feel like if I wore them all weekend I just might be able to conquer the world."

3. Chelsea Peng, Assistant Digital Editor

"I get what Rihanna was going for, but couture cyborg is a look few of us can pull off simply because it's a look few of us *would like* to pull off. Something weird happened, though: The longer I wore them, the less I felt like the laser-vision guy from X-Men. That's the power of RiRi, I guess."

4. Lauren Valenti, Associate Digital Editor

"What I love about RiRi's style is that if she's going to flex the future, she's going to rep the past at the same damn time. It's all about that decade-spanning contrast. So I paired these Fifth Element-esque shades with my choice era, the '70s—suede jacket, vintage-ish T-shirt, disco hoops, et al. And against all odds, I now really wish I had $840 to blow so I can be ANTI-establishment all summer long."

5. Rosa Heyman, Social Media Editor

"Normally my life's guiding principle is, 'What would you do if you were Rihanna sipping a beer on the beach while wearing Dior sunglasses?' But the thing is, these shades made me feel like I was Spock watching a 3D movie. Would they look better if my hair were different? If my face were different? If I were Rihanna? Please, any feedback is welcome."

6. Lane Florsheim, Features Editorial Assistant

"I asked if I could borrow something from the fashion closet to wear before immortalizing my face in these futuristic frames—vain maybe, but chambray was the wrong canvas. They made me feel like a street style alien, in a good way. I might start adding more green to outfits this summer! "

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