7 Winter Skirt Outfits Because Jeans Don't Keep You from Freezing Anyway

Popsicle legs, two ways.

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A chilly bum. Chiller ankles. When the wind enters through that gap between your HeatTech sock and the selvedge hem and blows up the legs. These are a few reasons jeans, unless they're lined in fleece, aren't much use in winter at all. Below, seven cold-weather *skirt* ideas from Pre-Fall 2017 and the internet at large, because if you're going to be cold, might as well have some variety.

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1 Tone on Tone

..19.19 a Zara Some Something.. ✨

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If you manage this level of coordination between your coat and skirt, your life must be quite together. (This is just as chic in all black or white, FYI—but requires less planning, checkbook-planning, and booster-shot-booking.) 

2 And Tones on Tones on Tones

With branded stockings, Gucci reminds us to have fun with pattern and hosiery, one of the few joys a girl can experience in February. Look to Rochas and Céline too for other creatively clash-y combos, like maroon with doctor's-scrubs green.

3 Bring Your Outerwear Into It

While we're on the subject, this No. 21 ensemble proposes an attractive idea: Incorporate your topper by belting it over a full skirt. Add long gloves, athletic socks, and a pair of opaque tights (not pictured), and you've got yourself a sort of *New* New Look.

4 Skirt Over Skirt

Following 3.1 Phillip Lim's lead, take last summer's shirtdress, pop it on mostly unbuttoned over a tissue turtleneck, then pull on a peasant-scented skirt underneath for a petticoat effect. 

5 Hope for Your Winter Bod

Often with pencil skirts, your first instinct is to tuck. But after a week or two of expanding your stomach's stretchability, shall we say, there might not be enough room for your waistline *and* a shirt. Luckily, this chic, archival-researcher-esque Victoria Beckham look solves that particular problem. 

6 Technically a Skirt Look

Slip dress over wide-leg jeans—Public School bids you try it.

7 And the Evening Dressing One

Sure, you could do more opaque tights here or a pair with a lower denier for a Carine homage. Or you could pay tribute to Altuzarra and wear high boots with a low (mint green, sequined) hemline. Fresh. 

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