The 16 Best Sweater Vests for Women to Bundle Up In

This is not your grandpa's vest (sorry—still love you, Pop Pop).

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Not to be all, "I was into them before it was cool," but I foresaw the sweater vest trend long before it began to take shape back in 2020. Before you had Bella Hadid sporting sleeveless knits on her off-duty days—back when they were very much still considered Pop Pop-approved grandpacore—I was stocking up on sweater vests. And to this day, those styles remain some of the best sweaters in my possession. That said, my cozy collection could absolutely do with an upgrade—and ASAP (a certain secondhand vest quickly went from a well-loved favorite of mine to a threadbare, ragged, and, sad-looking option I no longer allow myself to wear in public).

So, because I have a terrible habit of online window shopping, I’ve rounded up all of the best sweater vest styles that I have my eye on right now. From quirky-cool options from TikTok-approved brands like Lisa Says Gah! and GANNI to sleek longline alternatives from the likes of H&M and Zara, this list is chock-full of sweater vests that are just dying to be layered over a thin tee or turtleneck this fall. Or, go ahead and wear one of the cropped options from this list with an ever-so-trendy pleated mini skirt and loafers for that classically preppy, back-to-school look—even if you haven't stepped foot on a college campus in years. Keep reading for a complete rundown of this season’s in-demand women's sweater vest styles, and insight on how to style them, too.

What to Look For

"Before you run to the mall to buy a sweater vest, take a step back," advises Lisa Sanchez, the Fashion Editor for celebrity street style and fashion platform The Nines. "This staple is designed for layering, and what you pair with the season's hottest trend is as important as the vest itself. Luckily, you have a multitude of options," she points out. "If you can't stand bulk, look for something slim enough to wear over a t-shirt. But, if you'd prefer a more voluminous look, try one that's oversized, slouchy, and cozy af. Then, wear it over your summer puff-sleeved poplins for maximum magnitude," offers The Nines' in-house stylist.

The Best Sweater Vests for Women

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Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez

Lisa is the Fashion Editor of The Nines, a site that features celebrity fashion exact matches and “buy it for less” versions of every outfit. Lisa has been working in various roles in the fashion industry since graduating from The University of Colorado in 2012.

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