Princess Kate's New Pantsuit Obsession "Befits a Future Queen," Stylist Says

A fashion queen, also!

Kate Middleton at a royal engagement
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Princess Kate's love for a pantsuit isn't at all new, but she's certainly seemed to ramp it up in recent weeks, having rocked the business casual staple seven times in a row as of last Tuesday.

Obviously, because she's Princess Kate, royal commentators and fashion experts are being asked to weigh in on the royal's style choices left and right.

For instance, for stylist Miranda Holder, Kate's switch to an almost exclusive pantsuit regime is symbolic of her ever-more-significant role in the Royal Family.

"She’s wearing trouser suits as her outfit of choice, certainly for royal appointments. The overall transition has been from the pretty, floaty and playful to the more refined, regal and sophisticated—a wardrobe befitting our future Queen," Holder observed, speaking to OK!.

Kate Middleton at AW Hainsworth

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Although dressing as a younger, female, senior royal can't always be easy, Kate has many sources of inspiration to draw from—not to mention a personal stylist, of course.

"Kate’s surrounded by influential figures," Holder said. "Diana was the original royal fashion superstar, with a catalogue of iconic outfits to her name. But Her Late Majesty the Queen was the ultimate diplomatic dresser, setting the bar for other Windsor wives to follow in terms of dressing to make others 'feel seen.'"

For Holder, we can expect further style evolutions for Kate as she continues to climb the royal echelons.

"Her outfit choices will become even more steeped in symbolism," the expert claims. "Perhaps then we’ll see Kate return to a slightly softer silhouette and re-embrace the skirt in place of the more business-like trouser suit to reinforce William’s position as King and our country’s leader."

Bethan Holt, fashion director at The Daily Telegraph, agrees that Kate's evolving fashion choices are a clear message from the princess.

"She’s transforming before our eyes," Holt said previously. "She might not be able to say to us, 'Look, my life is now completely different, me and my husband are one step closer to the biggest job of his life,' but she is saying that through her fashion choices." Loud and clear, Catherine, loud and clear.

Kate Middleton at an engagement

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