From Secret Menus to Secret Deals, 5 Food Apps That Will Make You Feel Like a Bo$$

Encouraging you to start a "food" apps folder on your phone riiiiight now.

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If the recent decade has taught us anything, it's that apps–while perhaps steering us one step closer to Her—can offer us a *lot*. But did you ever think about how apps can get get you better food and booze? Yeah, get ready for your life to change. Here's what to download stat:

1. Off the Menu: Why eat stuff that the Normals eat when you could be dining on things only people IN THE KNOW can order? Enter: Off the Menu, the app that curates secret menu items from your favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes. The app also features videos, search (yup, just go ahead and type in "dumplings"), and even an in-app Uber and Lyft option so you can get where you wanna go quickly.

2. Wine n Dine: As explained, the celeb-loved app surfaces recommendations based on your personal network of friends and influencers you follow. Everything features user-generated photography (no swaying by an establishment here) and *no* page-long reviews. Just quick and easy info including what to order, pricing, and more.

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3. Vivino: It's the #1 wine app for good reason. Simply scan the label of wine to find out more about the wine you're drinking/going to buy, or take a picture of the wine list at a restaurant for reviews and ratings. Add your own notes to remember what to buy in the future, and find the best deals online to order. Easy.

4. Hooch: It's like ClassPass for drinks. For $10 a month, you can have one drink at participating locations for "free" every single day. (Think about it—that's less than a $1 a drink.) Not only do you get a free happy hour/brunch/It's 5 p.m. Somewhere drink, you also get to explore new venues in your area. Win-win.

5. Forks: The "food discovery app" lets you find all the food in your hood at a discount—by looking at deals that you can buy through Groupon, LivingSocial,, and more—all in one place. You can also read reviews and save deals for later. 🍕🍔🍟🍝

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