I Tried 6 Different Moon Dusts to See if They Would Improve My Life

Instagram's trendiest supplement is actually legit.

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If you haven't heard about Moon Dusts by now, you're probably living under a rock (and by rock, I mean don't have an Instagram or pay attention to Instagram ads. 2017, guys). I first saw these "miracle" dusts on Goop, and then noticed them popping up all over my social media feed, from bloggers to journalists to my targeted ads. Clearly, the universe was gunning hard for me to try these things out. As I've said before, I'm always game for trying anything good for your hair/skin, so I figured, I'll Moon Dust for two weeks and live my Goopiest life. Why not?

A brief overview for those who don't succumb to social media beauty trends (teach me your ways)—Moon Dusts, from the health food company Moon Juice, are a blend of superherbs touted to improve everything from brain function, to energy levels, to skin quality, to your sex life. No, seriously. They come in little sachets (or you can buy a whole jar if you're really committed to enhancing one aspect of your life) and you can choose from Brain, Beauty, Spirit, Dream, Sex, and Power. Each one has different superherbs targeted towards the desired result, and you add them to your smoothies, coffee, tea, cereal, etc., whenever you need a boost. Some you're supposed to feel instantly (Power, Brain, for example), while something like Beauty is going to take regular, consistent use.

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As far as the ingredients go—they're actually legit. The superherbs in each dust vary, but research proves that these dusts are probably more than just hype. Peal extract, used in the Beauty dust, has been found to decrease inflammation and even inhibit dermatitis, according to a 2015 study. Cordyceps mushrooms, found in the Power dust, are proven to decrease fatigue. Chamomile has long been known to combat insomnia, so it's no surprise to see it in the Dream dust, and the Reishi Mushroom Extract in the Spirit dust deserves a mention, too. It's been proven in a 2011 study to improve emotional well-being.

After two weeks and multiple rounds of dusting, here's what I felt. (Note: I preferred mine in smoothies because they do have a pretty potent taste and it masked it the most, though I did try it in tea, water, and coffee. As someone who genuinely loves the taste of black coffee, that was a very sad morning for me.)

Beauty: Two weeks in and I still have about half the jar left to go. In all fairness, seeing an effect on your skin isn't going to happen overnight, and you're probably looking more at a 1-2 month commitment to the supplement. Pearl extract has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to help even out skin tone and even regenerate collagen, so I'm definitely going to keep using it, though I haven't seen any change as of yet.

BUY NOW: Beauty Dust, $38; amazon.com.

Brain: I'm generally pretty fast-paced and productive when it comes to my job, and after taking this one morning before work, I didn't really feel any more inspired or creative or driven. Focus and multitasking are my thing, so I didn't have high hopes for this one to begin with.

BUY NOW: Brain Dust, $38; amazon.com.

Spirit: You know that focus I just talked about? Being meticulous about my work stems from anxiety, which I feel a lot of the time. I've tried everything from herbal teas to lavender diffusers without ever really feeling a calming effect, and this one did it for me. Within 30 minutes, I felt a sense of calm—nothing drastic, and if you aren't generally anxious, you probably wouldn't notice a difference—but it was noticeable to me, and of all the dusts, this is the one I was most impressed with.

BUY NOW: Spirit Dust, $38; amazon.com.

Dream: I just moved to a new apartment where the light is so bright, I can't sleep past 6 AM. Combine that with the street noise from living in a city, and my sleep as been seriously suffering. I hoped this would knock me out and let me make it until at least 7:00, but it is no magic potion. It did help me fall asleep and feel more rested when I woke up, but don't be mistaking this one for Ambien.

BUY NOW: Dream Dust, $38; amazon.com.

Power: I tried this one after a particularly late night (and a few too many glasses of wine) when I needed a mega boost before work. Sadly, it was not enough to revive me. Though to be fair, the six cups of coffee I drank weren't, either.

BUY NOW: Power Dust, $38; amazon.com.

Sex: I'll keep this one PG, but let's just say, I wasn't totally feeling the love tonight.

BUY NOW: Sex Dust, $38; amazon.com.

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