5 Stages of Grief Over the Weather

You were hoping that since we all had to "spring forward" it might, well, be spring.

1. Denial: You woke up at 6 a.m. It was completely DARK outside thanks to daylight saving time. You leave the house in an above-the-knee skirt...without tights.

2. Anger: During your commute, you realize everyone else is dressed appropriately and become irrationally upset that they're warm and you're freezing. A small brew went up 25 cents at the coffee cart? YOU'RE SO DONE WITH TODAY.

3. Bargaining: You begin imagining all the ways you'll "absolutely start working out this spring." You've already got your perfect yoga outfits selected in your mind, and are picturing your newly toned figure.

4. Depression: Your commute home is so cold that you arrive home from work and vow to never leave your apartment again. You can binge-watch reruns of Scandal and order Seamless—that's all that matters to you anyway.

5. Acceptance: You decide to keep wearing your winter coat until the weather report deems your light and stylish new jacket appropriate. But in your head you're still kind of like, "Isn't this censorship? Shouldn't I be able to wear WHAT I want, WHEN I want?" Mother Nature, you're a bitter pill to swallow.

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