Cupcake Time Out

Hands down by far my absolute favorite cupcake bakery is CRUMBS. They have amazing flavors and HUGE cupcakes. Snickerdoodle, Oreo, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hostess Cupcake, Twinkie and Double Chocolate are my favorites. Reasonable prices (as far as cupcakes go) and you get alot of cake in your cup.

The number two honor belongs to Sprinkles. A west coast founded cupcake which was my all time favorite until I discovered CRUMBS. Sorry Sprinkles. I will say Sprinkles does have the best Red Velvet cupcake to date but gets outnumbered by CRUMBS' diverse flavor menu.

Number three is tough. I thought about Downtown Atlantic Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn but I think I'll have to go with Johnny Cupcakes for one very apparent reason.

A cupcake / skull logo! Are you joking? I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT! And the cupcakes are bad either.


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