Day Two (Day One Re-Cap)

OK. So I drank 6 juices yesterday. The first four were basically the same. Green and full of well, juiced up green veggies. At first I will admit the taste was not so OK but I've grown to tolerate it. One key to the cleanse is making sure there are at least two hours between drinks which wasn't so easy. Rookie mistake I guess. I've planned it out and it should be a bit easier to schedule here today.

One great feature is that each day's series of juices comes in its own lunch bag (insulated lunch bag) with a cold pack. It's small, easy to carry and makes for taking your shakes on the go a breeze. (Something that didn't dawn on me until late in the afternoon once I was already a bit behind schedule).

So four green juices and then some lemonade -ish drink for #5. A cool refreshing change from ANOTHER GREEN JUICE believe me! Number 6 is by far the best! Cashews and cinnamon. Yes there's more to it but basically it tastes like cashews and cinnamon.

I will say-I haven't been hungry. No hunger pains, headaches, none of that nonsense.

And there's nothing more to report. And by nothing more I mean NOTHING more to report. (That's all I'm gonna say).

Oh I almost forgot...I've received an e-mail each day with tips and suggestions and encouragement too. And you can call or e-mail Blueprint with your questions or concerns.

My guess is Day Three will be the toughest but that's only a guess.

Stay tuned...........

And if you're just tuning in:

Blueprint Cleanse is a Brooklyn-based juice company that

specializes in fruit- and vegetable-based detox programs, is revolutionizing

the idea of juice cleanses through ease of use and organization. Incorporating

convenient services such as home deliveries and utilizing 100% vegan, raw,

mostly organic and completely unprocessed fruits and vegetables, they use a

hydraulic press rather than your basic bladed juicer. This means seven tons of

pressure extracting every drop of goodness the fruits and vegetables have to

give, approximately three to five times the vitamins and minerals than juices

from other machines.

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