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  • OPI has teamed up with Sephora and now offers a slew of colors to pick from. If you can find them in stock at your local Sephora store. The colors are amazing and I'd have to say my favorites for Post-Summer are Domestic Goddess, Caffeine Fix and Metro Chic.
    • OPI's other brainchild Essie has an AMAZING color: Over The Top which is second only to OPI Black Onyx.
      • Looking for very cool off the wall colors? Check out Rescue Beauty. They're got everything from Starfish-Patrick (Sponge Bob reference) to the best blue you'll ever find: Dead Calm.

        • And finally B.Y.O.P. I always bring my own polish when getting my nails done. That way when it chips after working out I can easily touch it up and add some top coat. Keeps my nails strong and looking good.
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