Cooler Weather and Workout Skirts

So it's getting a bit cooler in most places. ANd I saw something this morning that I just have to comment on. For the love of all mankind. If you're going to wear workout tights in public (public of any kind - which to me includes a workout room) please please please wear an empty skirt over them! You know what I'm talking about...especially if they're you're favorite tights from a few years ago. Believe me it's just not flattering so cover it up with a cute little workout skirt. And by empty skirt obviously you need one without undies or shorts attached. Turn an ugly situation into a cute one!

Here are some skirt options to keep things covered!

NIKE Women's Heritage Skirt (opens in new tab)

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On sale for $29.97.


MarathonGirl Ultra (opens in new tab)

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$52.00 with a 13" length. a bit pricey but the entire line is outstanding. They even offer undies to add when necessary.

IN FACT: Check this out. It's exactly what I was talking about.

The Sweetest Thing Capri Skirt (opens in new tab)

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Only comes in black which is good and retails for $75.00

COVER UP GIRLS. Or at least do a double check before leaving the house. No one wants to see it.

[image id='9dee9b3c-553c-4e52-bd6a-f705860e8cbc' mediaId='5436c59a-a17a-4d5f-a7c0-798219c254ea' loc='C'][/image] (opens in new tab)