Lupita Nyong'o Wore a Crown Made of Cowry Shells

It's more elegant than surfer chic.

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Since deciding to go shave off her hair in May, Lupita Nyong'o has been keeping things interesting on top of her head, debuting multiple full-crown henna looks and some excellent hats. Listen: It's not like the already perfect actress needs to do anything extra. But, it sure is fun. And, on Saturday, October 21, she took her accessorizing to the next level. The newly single Oscar winner stepped out in Los Angeles for the GO Campaign Annual GO Gala with an intricate, cowry-shell covered headpiece. The actress paired the ivory topper with a cream-colored gown, diamond studs, and glossy, brick-red lips.

Species of cowry can be found worldwide, with the shells meaning different things to different cultures. Traditionally used as currency, cowry shells can symbolize wealth, womanhood, and good luck. While we haven't found the artist behind the piece yet (stay tuned!), they deserve a major, major round of applause. It appears the artisan wove the small shells into a mesh cap with thick silver and gold thread. They stopped right above the 40-year-old's ears and elegantly lined eyes, creating a bowl-cut effect.

Prior to becoming a bald beauty, Nyong'o wore her hair in sisterlocks. In mid-April, she shared a video of herself cutting them. Less than a month later, she declared she'd decided to shave it all off.

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"Happy without hair!" she wrote, joking that the new look was part of her application for the all-female warrior group Dora Milaje from the Black Panther universe. "With eyes and bones like yours of course," commented actress Indira Varma.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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