RBG Wore a Collar Gifted to Her by a Fan in Her New Supreme Court Portrait

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is known for three things: Her brilliant and often biting opinions, her intense workout routine, and her iconic collars. And her SNL send-ups courtesy of Kate McKinnon. And her superhero-like ability to keep dishing out justice well into her eighties. And her Notorious RBG nickname and its ensuing memes, t-shirts, and other swag.

Okay, so Ruth Bader Ginsburg is known for a lot of things. But her iconic collar is definitely up there. That's what inspired Lawyer Susan Hyman to send the justice the metallic collar she's seen wearing in her new official portrait for the Supreme Court.

Hyman explained to Town & Country that was inspired to send Ginsburg the limited-edition Silver Pegasus Stella & Dot necklace (the gold version costs $198 and is still available) after watching RBG, a documentary about Ginsburg's life. Talking about her idol with T&C, Hyman said:

"In my community of lawyer moms, RBG is larger than life. She is revered as a patron saint, Wonder Woman, the original and ultimate lawyer mom... We collect RBG action figures, mugs, and 'dissent collar' pins... A favorite mantra is 'WWRBGD'—What Would RBG Do?"

And, when asked why she sent Ginsburg the necklace, Hyman said it was:

"In appreciation for her pioneering life’s work to advance women’s equality. I wrote that I hoped she would wear it with pride and joy."

RBG did, of course, wear the necklace and she also sent Hyman "a lovely hand written note from RBG on her official stationery. She warmly offered 'a thousand thanks' and expressed delight at her 'surprise package.' She described the necklace as 'exquisite' and promised to wear it on or off the bench."

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The beloved justice has also recently reassured fans that she's doing well following the fall she took last month that resulted in three fractured ribs. During an interview with NPR's Nina Totenberg at an event hosted by the Museum of the City of New York, RBG described herself as "almost repaired" and went on to discuss her famous workout routine.

Apparently, the 85-year-old resumed work with her physical trainer "immediately" after the fall—but did "legs only" until Friday.

"Yesterday," she said at the event on Saturday, "we did the whole routine."

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Even with three fractured ribs, RBG puts the rest of us to shame, at work and at the gym.

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