The Scent Of A Man

Common sense tells us that someone who smells bad is limiting their chances. But, this is not smell as we know it; it has more to do with the body's "natural" odors than perfume or cologne.

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I'm a finicky eater, so I'm skeptical about new foods I am "urged" to try when I'm out to dinner with friends. I approach like curious animal, investigating every angle of the food, flipping it around, and even smelling it. As far as I'm concerned, you can tell a lot about how something tastes once you smell it.

It turns out that smell may play a role in something more powerful than tasting a new food: attraction.A study found that humans may subconsiously select a mate based on genetic identification (the genetic region is called MHC) that is linked to a person's odor. Common sense tells us that someone who smells bad is limiting their chances. But, this is not smell as we know it; it has more to do with the body's "natural" odors than perfume or cologne.

Dial for men illustrated this in an interesting take on speed dating. Women were blindfolded and rotated throughtout a bar. They didn't talk to the men. Instead they smelled swabs saturated with each guy's scent. Yes, it was awkward; there was agonizing silence as each gal smelled their guy's swab before moving on. I thought to myself that this was the ultimate way to attract women for a lazy guy like me. Simply walk into a bar with a pre-swiped swab, sit and have a drink and onlytalk to girls that like the smell of my swab. Now, according to Wikipedia, some interesting studies have emerged from speed dating:

- Men & women made their decisions within three seconds of meeting each person

- Even as far back as 1995, a study found that women were attracted to men with different MHC profiles than their own

- People wearing pheromones received more interest in speed dating experiments

Studies have been done involving guy's scents on t-shirts, which explains why women I date steal my tshirts. All this time I actually thought I had cool shirts, but it may just be that a girl likes my scent. I've long theorized that the way I smell could lure a woman. I've wished I smelled like any of the following things from time to time:

- Money

- Commitment

- Brad Pitt

It turns out that Dial For Men has concocted a "magic potion" called Magnetic Attraction Enhancing Body Wash that takes advantage of the power of pheromones. Pheromones are chemical signals that play a role in attraction. I haven't used the body wash before work, as that may make for an awkward situation with some of my female co-workers who are affected by the pheromones.

Dial's speed dating experiment held true to form: those using Dial's pheromone-infused body wash got more votes from the ladies. I've packed some of it for my upcoming beach trip and we'll see what happens. Now, there's a chance that even pheromones won't work for me. On the back of the Dial For Men Magnetic bottle it says:

"We're not saying you need any help, but why risk it?"

No, Dial. I do need help. But pheromones, plus the smell of the ocean, may just do the trick. It will be an interesting experiment to see if I can do or say anything so stupid that I manage to override the power of nature. Trust me, I'm capable.

What are your thoughts on the study about unconsious smell detection? Have you ever considered the "natural" odor of your significant other as a turn on or factor in your attraction to them?