23 Great Indoors-y and Outdoors-y Winter Date Ideas

'Tis the season for hot tub evenings.

As if we needed any more excuses to just Netflix-and-chill our dates away, winter turns out to be the ideal season for homebodies to engage in peak amounts of Staying Indoors 🙌. It yields perfect opportunities for loafing around and eating with your S.O., and lest you thought we forgot about you outdoorsy types, we've also imagined some extreme adventures to take up in pairs (sledding is an extreme sport, right?). Below, our favorite ways to while away the puffy-jacket season with a special friend.

1. Head to a Basketball Game 


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NBA Tickets, prices vary


If hockey isn’t quite your thing, get tickets to a basketball game. A little competitiveness never hurt anybody (especially if you’re cheering on opposite teams😉). Tickets are cheaper in the beginning of the season, AKA winter, so your wallet will thank you.

2. Up Your Cooking Skills 


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Institute of Culinary Education, prices vary


A mini lesson in the cooking department is always a win-win.💯 When it’s too cold outside to do anything but curl up towards up the heat, you can *also* bring some in the kitchen. Noteworthy: you can totally use this as a second-date opportunity. “Wanna try this new recipe at my place next weekend?” You’re welcome.

3. Sign Up for a Wine Tasting

Wine bottle and glass

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Groupon, prices vary


You can really tell a lot about a person by the type of wine they’re into. Sign up for a tasting and brush up on your merlots and cabernets. Bonus points if your date can remember your favorite at the end of the night.

4. Catch a Play 

Wicked poster

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Fall and winter are peak theatre seasons, so all the more reason to go out and laugh along with a musical or comedy. Nosebleed seats tend to be pretty inexpensive, for the budget-minded, and there are always ticket deals and Groupons in major cities. And hey, your date night deserves a little more drama (the good kind).

5. Go Climbing

Climbing gear

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File this under "Physical Activities You Can Do in the Great Indoors." Get your heart rate up and work on that upper body strength with a bout of rock climbing in pairs. Optional: Challenge each other to a playful race to the top.

6. Schedule a Couple's Spa Outing

Spa gown

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Say it with me....*breathes deep*...saunas. Relish the chance to spend some relaxing quality time together with a couple's massage followed by some steamy sauna time. Nothing will feel better in the dead of winter.

7. Take a Sleigh Ride

Yellow horde and carriage road sign

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A truly picturesque date night scene that'll remind you of the Christmas song "Sleigh Ride" (clip-clops and all), when you're both bundled up and explored the city in a horse-drawn carriage.

8. Scour For Antiques Together

Red antique chair

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If you're already living in a small town, this will be easier than ever (they're usually hotspots for great antiques). But if not, seek out a local spot for antiquing where you two can get lost for an hour or two, hunting for records and retro treasures, or perusing the shelves of dusty vintage books.

9. Go Hiking

Hiking boots

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A brisk hike is an ideal winter date for adventure-seekers to take in some sights and get in exercise at once (the views! the endorphins!). If you're both extra outdoorsy, make it a weekend camping trip in the mountains before the weather gets too severe.

10. Make Fondue (Seriously) 

Fondue set

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When it's too chilly outside to even think about leaving the great indoors, have you ever considered *whispers* chilling by the fire while you're eating fondue? (We came up with this ourselves and did not get this from a well-known pop song).

11. See a Ballet

Ballet shoes

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Winter is peak ballet season so it's the best time to nab yourselves tickets to The Nutcracker or Swan Lake. It's a perfect excuse to get out and dress up, and the people-watching opportunities will make for unusual conversation fodder. If your date's not so into tutus and tights, look into theater or opera dates.

12. Go Ice Skating 

Ice skates

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Ice skating and hot cocoa practically scream *winter date.* Plus, we can't wait to plan a super cute outfit around skates.

13. Ice Sculpture Shows 

Ice sculpture

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Guys, ice sculpture shows are totally a thing. (We're not kidding.) Go to one. Don't ask questions—you'll be seriously amazed by the creations and can maybe convince someone to carve you into a bust. Christmas party decorations, anyone?

14. Schedule Some Hot Tub Time 

Hot tub

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Shouldn't be too hard to pencil this one into your schedule. 😏

15. Go Sledding


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Grab a sled from your garage (or nab a plastic one at most pharmacy chains), head to a snowy hill, and prepare for an adorable day date. P.S. This idea is great for group dates. P.P.S. If you actually live by a snow resort, forget this idea and grab some skis.

16. Head to the Farmers' Market 

Basket of vegetables

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See out the last days of your local farmers' market before they pack up for the winter. Pick up some fresh greens and bites, and then head back home to put together an impromptu lunch or dinner.

17. Make Some Fireplace S'mores 


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It may feel a little junior, but who can resist the temptation of half-scorched marshmallows? Take advantage of the cooler weather and get the fireplace (or outdoor grill) going, rip open a bag of marshmallows, and pair your fresh s'mores with some Irish coffee (mmmm).

18. Netflix and Stay Warm 


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Netflix, $10.99 per month


You can each pick one of your more favorite television shows or scary movies, snuggle up under a blanket, and chill on your own terms.

19. Attend a Hockey Match

Hockey stick and puck

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No matter if you're a fan or not, hockey is great because you get to watch aggressive people duke it out over a small puck—on skates. Plus, snacks.

20. Plan a Game Night 

Fan of playing cards

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If inclement weather's got you down, your spirit will be never too old to enjoy a smashing game of Scrabble or War.

21. Chuck Some Snowballs


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If you two are a couple with some issues to sort out, this could be quite therapeutic. If you're trying to leave your anger issues out of it, make this "fight" a cute turf war.

22. Test Out Your Bar Trivia

Pint of beer

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Amaze your date with your stockpile of random (and probably useless) facts. (How do you *not* know the lyrics to every U2 song, ever?) Plus, if your team wins, drinks are usually on the house.

23. See an Art-House Flick 

Film reel

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If nothing's really speaking to you on the blockbuster front (sometimes the movie lead-up to the holidays feels a little meh), check out an art-house or indie film that will get you slightly out of your comfort zone, but will guarantee a unique shared experience.


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