Swoon-Worthy French Songs

Serge Gainsbourg album cover
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Reason #3 that Paris is the Sexiest City in the World: Even their songs are swoon-worthy.

Granted, Serge Gainsbourg is a weird-looking guy, but the French pop legend has written some of the sexiest songs ever recorded. My favorite song is Je T'aime (Moi Non Plus)

Here's the steamy story behind it: In 1967, Gainsbourg was sleeping with Brigitte Bardot. She asked him to write "the most romantic song that you could imagine." A year later, they recorded it together, but when her husband found out, he flipped, and Bardot begged Gainsbourg not to release the song.

Later that year, Gainsbourg fell in love with British actress Jane Birkin, and they rerecorded the song. Six million copies sold worldwide, and Gainsbourg became an international star.

The lyrics blatantly describe two people having sex: "I come and I go, in between your hips"; "You are the wave, I am the naked island." The song ends with Birkin faking an orgasm. Some critics even believe she's actually having real one.

Check out a slightly toned-down version of the gorgeous song here.

Don't you love it?