New York's Best Denim Guide

For the street-strutting women of Manhattan, there are few things more important than a great pair of jeans. Sure the search for the perfect rent controlled apartment and the Harry to slip a Winston on our left hand seems endless, but a one bedroom studio and Friday nights with friends will get us through. There is no remedy however, for an ill-fitting pair of jeans. Nothing flatters, flattens, lifts, and slims like finely fitted denim, so if you are one of the many woman in the big apple who have yet to find the turn-his-head pair, use our New York's Best Denim guide to find great pairs at every price point. Years ago wearing jeans to a party, on a date, or even during a holiday would have been a fashion faux pa, but the rules of wear have been rewritten. French label APC (pictured) is one of the many stores forging denim into the ironwork of a timeless wardrobe. The array of glamourously embellished, dark washed jeans is not your laid back pants of yore. For gals who want the boutique look without the European price tag, visit Century 21 where great designer jeans are sold for a fraction of the original prices. A well-kept secret until they outposts started popping up in suburbia, this discount department store has a huge selection of denim from the biggest brand names like Seven, Citizens, and more. If you don't mind the zoo-like shopping atmosphere, and have the patience to sift through racks of rejects, you will find a heaping dose of designer denim all at this one location. From skinny to wide leg, or low-rise to high-waisted, there is a look for every figure and flare at this New York gem. In case you couldn't tell by it's name, National Jean Company has got the denim elite covered. With no fewer than 20 labels, this store defines the nationwide obsession with denim. Basically, whatever your body type and no matter your mood, the well-versed folks here will find a pair to fit your tush, your temperament and the current trend.. We know that denim design has taken a turn for the sleek and sexy as of late, but Madewell has managed to stay on top of the jean-vending rage, while staying true to a clean and youthful asthetic. Easy to wear, and cherry in an almost boho-chic way, this store has very cool and reasonably priced merchandise.

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