This Travel Booking Site Will Pay You to Find Cheap Airfare Deals

Get that $$$.

When it comes to finding good deals on flights, are you the go-to for your parents, friends, even co-workers? That probably means you know a thing or two about the Wild West that is discount travel booking. Put your skills to good use and make some extra money by helping other travelers book cheap flights of their own.

Farefetch, a new low-cost airfare finder, makes booking flights a breeze for travelers who don't want to spend hours scouring the internet. All they have to do is input what you're looking for, from destination to maximum spending, and the website does the rest to find the best deal out there.

That's where you come in.

Knowledgable travelers, such as yourself, are challenged to find them the lowest prices available. If you find a flight that is even lower than the traveler requested, you get to keep the difference. The only catch is, Farefetch is competitive. Once a traveler lists their requirements, the first person to find the cheapest flight gets the cash.

For example, if someone is looking to fly from New York City to London for $500 and the cheapest available fare is $450, whoever sends it to the traveler first gets the $50. Not necessarily enough to quit your day job, but it's definitely an easy side hustle if you're a travel obsessive anyway.

If the fare you found meets all of the poster's needs, you can then either book it for them and get paid within 48 hours, or provide them with booking instructions and see your spoils within a week.

Take note: if you're the one in search of a great airfare deal, there are a few drawbacks to consider, according to Travel + Leisure. You have to be super clear about what you're looking for, because there are absolutely no refunds. That means once you're matched with a flight that meets your listed requirements, you have to book. So be sure to factor in baggage and meal costs, as well as cancellation fees.

However, if you're just a travel junkie looking to share your skill set (and make some $$$), what do you have to lose? We say, happy hunting!

h/t: Refinery29

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