My Mini West Coast Road Trip

As a veteran New Yorker, accustomed to riding everywhere via taxis and trains, I craved the feeling of being behind the wheel and on the open road. So, I set out on a mini road trip from Las Vegas, NV to San Francisco, CA (and back) - just enough driving time to quench my thirst for adventure (and the gas pedal). The drive was amazing - easy and relaxed and peppered with hilarious landmarks.

The world's largest thermometer in Baker, CA registered 105 degrees when I rolled into town and I couldn't resist taking a photo in front of it.

Another stop, which was slightly off of the path to San Francisco, was the town of Gilroy, CA, also known as "The Garlic Capital of the World" and is a must do for any garlic lover. Gilroy's annual Garlic Festival occurs at the end of July and boasts garlic flavored everything - even ice cream!

The rest of my driving time, was punctuated with a few too many "mandatory" fast-food intermissions. Lets just say I took an extensive culinary tour of Dairy Queen's Blizzard menu. If I told you I stopped at every drive thru from Vegas to San Fran you may think I'd thrown my fashionista ways to the wind. I admit it, I did pull over for a burger and maybe a few too many french fries when the first pangs of hunger or boredom hit me, but I did it in style. That style came in "thunder gray". What's better than the freedom of the open road? A fashionable car to share it with.

This one came complete with all the fixins' like a Bulgari clock on the dashboard and Bose speakers (with ipod dock!). From the posh interior stitching to the double sunroof - the Cadillac CTS Sedan exhibits the effortless style that we all strive to achieve...even when we've got one hand on the wheel and the other on a double bacon cheeseburger.

And the best of the best? This car has it's own WiFi network, so you're connected no matter how many mountains and hills it takes you to get to grandma's house.

And hey, if it's good enough for Kate Walsh, it's good enough for me - I just wish I looked as gorgeous driving it as she does.

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