Cancun: Not Just a Spring Break Destination

Want a quick beach getaway that doesn't involve hundreds of drunk frat guys? Book your next trip here.

Admit it, your years of going on Spring Break are long past. So what's a girl (or guy) to do when faced with the dilemma of choosing a quick getaway in the months usually affiliated with debauchery, floating cocktails, and sunburns even worse than the all-day hangover?

Believe it or not, Cancun and its various satellite islands proved to be just the solution. In February of this year, which coincides with Cancun's 40th anniversary, they have launched a campaign to highlight the diverse options Cancun has to offer and has made traveling to their various hidden treasures even easier.

From Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos to Cozumel and the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, everything is a short car or boat ride away. There is something for everyone's taste, whether you want tax-free shopping, scuba diving, historical excursions, fine dining, bird-watching or just time spent enjoying the white sands and crystal clear Caribbean waters.

Some destinations are a little more secluded than others. Take, for example, Isla Holbox, where I spent a couple of nights. I stayed at the amazing Casa Sandra where i would've been more than happy parking it on my beach bed all day and, at night, being pampered by the amazingly attentive staff. But instead I explored all the great restaurants and beach bars available on the seven-mile island. Half of it is an uninhabitable mangrove, but the other half more than makes up for it. I plan to go back in June to swim with the whale sharks and visit the flamingos on the eco-reserve. An added perk is the opening of the underwater museum in June 2010. It hosts a variety of life size figures, molded from members of the local community forming an artificial reef!

Visit Cancun's official site for more information!

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