My Last Day in Uganda

How sad I am to leave, I love Uganda. When you have been through a trip like this, you realize how precious life is, and I truly believe you must live every day as your last. I am yet again reminded why I do what I do. I can't wait to raise the money that is needed to send back to the program; in fact, they are counting on me.

Robert picked me up on time, as usual, and we went together to the market. I wanted to buy some African warrior spears. I bought six, and I intend to use them in my garden as plant creepers (great idea, huh!). I was a little worried about getting them out of the country and into America, so Robert suggested that we pull the heads off and wrap them in newspaper.

As soon as I went through security, I was asked to open my bag by this charming security guard. He immediately pulled out the spear heads. I went into the full story of how I work for a charity and that I really want the spears for my garden. His only question was "Don't you use guns in Washington to fight?" At this, he put the spears back into my bag and asked me if I was American.

Robert and I talked during the long ride to the airport. He told me about his six years at his job as a PSI driver, now senior driver in charge of six others. He told me that he can use a computer and plans to ask for a job in sales. He has spent years observing the sales force and feels that he knows the job. I really encouraged him to apply. He went on to tell me that he owns a plot of land that he hopes to build a house on and that he was grateful to PSI for giving him such a good job. There is absolutely nobody on this trip that did not say that they loved their jobs. It warms my heart.

Should you wish to donate, go to for HIV/AIDS programs and for the malaria and water program. Every $10 received will go toward saving a young life.

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