An Attendant on American Airlines Threatened a Passenger, and There's Video

First United, and now this.

American Airlines plane

It turns out that United aren't the only airline to be caught on camera mistreating their passengers. Following the shocking incident, in which a man was literally dragged off of his United flight, a new video has surfaced showing an attendant on American Airlines threatening a passenger. What is happening to the world?!

Shared on Facebook, the video shows an argument starting after an attendant on an American Airlines flight snatched a stroller from a woman holding a baby. Unfortunately, the stroller allegedly hit the woman, and narrowly missed the baby.

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The incident escalated when a fellow passenger tried to stand up for the woman with the baby. As seen in the video, the attendant became aggressive, and encouraged the passenger to hit him. According to several sources, the employee has been put on leave.

The video has already gotten a lot of attention online, and it's reassuring to know that members of the public are ready to stand up for fellow passengers when bad things happen.

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