18 Best Father's Day Gifts

Up his style ante with this covetable gear, and there might be a kickback for you!

Krups BeerTender

Up his (and your) cool quotient with this countertop machine that makes sure he has a pristine cold one whenever he wants it. The BeerTender works with Heineken 5-liter Draught Kegs, cooling and carbonating them, with a digital panel that tells him all he needs to know about his beloved brew, from volume to freshness to temperature. This way he'll never run out, and each glass is just-poured-at-the-bar perfect. (kitchenkapers.com, $199)

Perpetual Weekly Calendar Wristwatch

Most multifunction wristwatches sacrifice aesthetics for utility, but not this one. The TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch has a sophisticated design that's bolstered by its brilliant calendar mechanism. It shows a full week at a glance, aligns dates with actual days of the week, plus has a fourth hand that keeps track of the month. He'll love the modern, manly design; you'll love that he has no more excuse for missing an important event. (watchismo.com, $495)

Eris Planetary Sphere Watch

Gone are the days when dapper gentlemen pulled out shiny pocket watches to give a lady the time of day. The mod Eris Planetary Sphere Watch is today's answer to old-fashioned suave. Designed by students from l'Ecole d'Arts Appliqués Genève, this modern answer to the pocket watch is as much a work of art as it is a watch. The space-age look reflects Eris, the newly discovered dwarf planet in the solar system — and the ninth-largest body known to orbit the sun directly — for which this ultra-cool timepiece is named. Whether he uses the natural rubber strap to make it a new-fangled pocket watch or simply decorates the desk with it, this artful piece will please no matter how much time passes. (watchismo.com, $450)

Grilling Gift Set

Spice up his life. This four-pack of rubs and sauces will give your favorite grillmaster everything he needs for a delicious party, whether he's entertaining the guys with the Hot 'n Nasty Sauce or luring a lady with the Chick Magnet Rub. (dennymikes.com, $19.95)

Reef Fanning Flip-flops

Only a man would think it cool to open his beer can on the bottom of his shoe. But if your man is that guy, here is the shoe for him. This Reef sandal is comfortable, durable, and has a bottle opener on the sole. Look on the bright side: He doesn't have to open your drinks. (reef-sandals-online.com, $45.95)

Holden Card Case

Next time he's networking, his business cards will be easily accessible. This sleek black leather card case is slim enough to carry in the pocket and stylish enough to show off. Plus the nickel-plated cap fastens easily to ensure none of the cards he collects will disappear. (umbra.com, $16)

Woven Button Cuff Links

These shiny cuff links have a subtle woven silk inlay that'll add a splash of color to his favorite suit. Classic, sleek, and sophisticated, they make a statement: that pink can be not only manly but downright sexy. (thomaspink.com, $35)

Blackbird, Fly Camera

Just when you thought film was obsolete, the Blackbird, Fly comes along. The functionality is a modern take on the 1920s twin-lens cameras, allowing him to take photos the conventional way or by looking down the lens for more artistic framing. Three different masks mean three different formatting options for even further diversification of the works he can create. The possibilities are endless — better start practicing your poses now. (icp.org, $135)

Absinthe Original Gift Set

Picasso painted it. Hemingway wrote about it. Oscar Wilde was known to have a sip or two. The mythical green drink has long captured the imagination as a sort of romantic and forbidden fruit drink. This fancy gift set contains absinthe, glasses, slotted absinthe spoon, and matches — all the necessities for a little highbrow debauchery. (originalabsinthe.com, $146.50)

Timex Expedition WS4 Watch

Whether he's a mountain man, a ski fanatic, or just a tech geek, he'll never again leave home without this all-in-one gadget. So much more than a watch, the Timex Expedition tells time, weather, altitude, and direction. And that's only the beginning. The wide-screen dashboard shows him all this information at one time, and the graphing mechanism charts his adventures, so his buddies will no longer question that he's hardcore. Just like his watch. (timex.com, $200)

More Things Like This

Finally, a book that embodies eclecticism. The editors of San Francisco-based literary journal McSweeney's joined forces with art critic Michael Kimmelman to create this irreverent, amusing collection of art, exploring that fascinating space where text, illustration, and humor intersect. More Things Like This contains some 300 images from cartoonists, musicians, writers, and other creative types, including Leonard Cohen, David Mamet, and Kurt Vonnegut. The result is a book that's smart, hilarious, and refreshing. Must we say it'll leave him wanting more things like this? (barnesandnoble.com, $35)

The Perfect Shave Set

Ah, the sexy feeling of the clean, close shave. The Perfect Shave Gift Set includes everything he needs to get barbershop smooth every time. The luxurious Pre-Shave Oil, rich Lather Up! Shaving Cream, and soothing After-Shave Balm protect and calm, whatever his skin type, and the high-quality razor and Badger Hair Brush will make him love his "getting-ready time" as much as you love yours. (theartofshaving.com, $75)

Eau Boy Fragrance Deluxe Sampler

The smell's the thing, and with this deluxe set of best-selling men's fragrances he'll always have just the right one. From the classic Armani Acqua Di Gio to Givenchy's 2008 Matrix-inspired Pi Neo, this set contains eight unique scents, one for every mood and occasion, all in ideal sizes to suit his about-town lifestyle. (sephora.com, $20)

The Overture Whiskey Set

He may lament being born too late for the era of Mad Men cool, but this gorgeous whiskey set will have him feeling Don Draper-esque, at least during his evening tipple. The chic decanter and old-fashioned glasses are classic yet modern, but — most importantly — the essence of swank. (macys.com, $60)

Caligula DVD

One of the first action biopics ever made, Caligula, a movie that portrays the life of one of the most ruthless emperors to come out of Rome, is not only controversial but contradictory as well. The screenplay was written by Gore Vidal, and the cast features a powerhouse of British theatrical talent (Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud, and Malcolm McDowell) — but the movie was partially financed by Penthouse, with scenes filmed by pornographer Bob Guccione. The history is somewhat accurate, the violence is graphic, and the sex is plentiful. (barnesandnoble.com, $33.99)


Talk about a party in a box. The Tailgater assures he'll always have high-quality tunes, whether he's prepping for the big game or just rocking out solo at home. It's a two-way speaker, amp, and iPod dock in one, and it comes with a microphone for karaoke, so if the party gets boring, he can easily save it with his box of tricks. (ionaudio.com, $199.99)

Cowboys Full

Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker, by James McManus, delves into the history and cultural significance of America's favorite pastime. A true testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit, the game that started as an adaptation of a French parlor game played at ordinary kitchen tables is now the most popular card game worldwide. It's the subject of countless novels and films, and some of our greatest thinkers and leaders, from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, have employed poker strategies in networking, negotiating, and overall business management. His next poker night just became a little more interesting. (barnesandnoble.com, $22.50)

Solar-Powered Laptop Bag

This sleek, eco-friendly laptop bag is smart in both look and function. The solar panel converts sunlight to power for laptop, cell phone, and any other handheld electronics he may have. A battery pack automatically converts the stored charge to the proper voltages for a given device, and the water-resistant material, made from recycled soda bottles, protects from the outside. A powerful bag for a powerful man. (momastore.org, $449.95)

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