6 Last-Minute Summer Getaways

Haven't been to a beach or pool yet this season? Is the only sun you've seen lately through your office window? Then it's seriously time for a vacation. Here are six spots around the country with the perfect 48-hour trip equation: short travel time to your destination minus a car once you get there — plus, everything you need for your visit packed into one small bag. And you won't even have to submit your time-off card or break the bank.


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    Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

    GET THERE: The sleepy mountain village is about 80 miles south of Denver.
    STAY: a six-room cottage built in 1889 was reopened in november as the modern Outlook Lodge, a version of your rustic dream cabin, complete with a library and a large wraparound porch. (from $99; outlookgmf.com)
    CHEAP THRILL: Hiking. the town, surrounded by pike national forest on three sides, has a great network of trails, all easily accessed from the hotel. Venture out on Catamount Trail, a 6-mile hike with steep switchbacks that pass waterfalls and the Garden of Eden wildflower meadow.

    Courtesy of the Outlook Lodge
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