Queens of Comedy

Kristen Wiig may have just left a downright hilarious legacy on Saturday Night Live, but she's not the only funny lady giving us the giggles. From veteran acts like Joan Rivers and Lucille Ball, to modern jesters like Amy Poehler and Chelsea Handler, our roundup features the silliest lady comics who tickle our fancy, not to mention our funny bones.


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    Kathy Griffin

    When it comes 
to mocking the ridiculousness of celebrities, nobody does it quite like Kathy Griffin. But her routine doesn't end there: She aims her jibes at herself (and her mom) on occasion, too. The comedienne has won two Emmys, gotten her own Bravo reality show, and continues to book sold-out stand-up comedy tours. Sorry, Kathy, but we don't think you're on the D-list anymore.

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