Pop Culture's Most Badass Heroines

The Hunger Games is here! To celebrate, we picked out our favorite females from TV, the movies and more who are not to be messed with if you know what’s good for you.


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    Ellen Ripley

    Alien-fighting Sigourney Weaver forever changed the role of women in sci-fi flicks thanks as an abrasive spaceship warrant officer who went from nervous to nerves-of-steel over the course of the series while battling an alien queen. With a soft-spot for a girl named Newt — and later Winona Ryder! — this ballsy, brazen babe didn't miss a beat — or a profanity (“Get away from her, you bitch!”) — in deep space.
    Secret weapons: Courage, assault rifle, blowtorch, punching robot exo-suit
    Mary Evans/2OTH CENTURY FOX/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection
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