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—Last night may have been Caitlyn Jenner's show, but 14-year-old baseball and basketball phenom Mo'ne Davis gave her a run for her money with her Best Breakout Athlete win. (MLB)

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—After a leaked video revealed a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing how the organization provides fetal tissue to researchers, House Republicans are investigating the practice's legality. (New York Times

—Amy Schumer's getting a lot of buzz today for her new GQ cover, on which she gets kinky with a certain famous robot. 

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—NFL cheerleaders in California won job protections from Governor Jerry Brown yesterday. (BuzzFeed)

—Despite the fact that it's illegal, Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker wants to drug-test food-stamp recipients. (Huffington Post)

—A video surfaced online this week of a couple having sex at a Uniqlo in Beijing, which has Uniqlo (and the Chinese government) clutching their proverbial pearls. (Guardian)

—Emmy noms are being announced at 11:30 a.m. EST today. Diehard fans of ______, prepare to be outraged/justified. (New York Times)

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