11 Unbelievable Photos of Cara Delevingne Lying on Things While Wearing Jewelry

Only Cara could get away with doing this at the beach.

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There are just some things you would never do at the beach: lean against a boulder slick with salt spray; lie on your stomach on some wet rocks; wear a shirt into the water, let alone your fancy handmade jewelry.

Legitimate Movie Star Cara Delevingne does all of these things in John Hardy Jewelry's Fall 2014 campaign, but we'll make allowances because 1) this is fashion, and 2) because the resulting photos are just too gorgeous for logic to apply to them.

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Choose your favorite Cara D. pose from the 11 sunset-lit images below. Our vote goes to the Playing Coy with a James McAvoy Lookalike.

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Images courtesy of John Hardy

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