Best of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Even a year ago, we knew that Ukraine had a unique fashion scene. We decided to make the long trek to Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days to see what people were wearing and what top designers are making international waves.


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    Kostya Omelya

    Inspired by Japanese prints and calligraphy, Kostya Omelya followed the Eastern route — minimalist and monochromatic. There were floor length trapeze dresses, kimono skirt sets with kabuki sleeves, peplums, and obi belts. The most ornate designs were the organza dresses and jackets, which added a touch of dynasty goth. A sure sell? A black and white puffed sweatshirt that many audience members were already wearing. 

    Runway: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days; Sweatshirt: Courtesy of Kostya Omelya, Instagram: Courtesy of Daria Shapovalova
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