Heaven's Angels: Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

To us, yesterday felt a lot like Christmas—we spent a snowy day in New York City with some of the most beautiful (and sweetest!) women in the world backstage at the 17th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. While the models were in hair and makeup being transformed into Angels, we thought it would be a good time to grill them about their ideas of heaven. Read on for all you've ever wanted to know about your favorite Angels, and don't forget to catch the show when it airs on CBS on December 4.


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    Candice Swanepoel

    When you get to heaven...

    Your lavish welcoming gift at the pearly gates will be: For my whole family and everybody I love to be there.

    Who will greet you when you arrive? My grandmother. She passed away a year ago.

    The soundtrack will be: A whole lot of reggae.

    Your DVR will be filled with: Breaking Bad, if that’s allowed in heaven. I would have The Walking Dead—I’m addicted to that as well. And Legends of the Fall so I can watch Brad Pitt for eternity.

    Your fridge will be stocked with: Really good barbeque, lots of sweets, lots of chocolates.

    It will smell like: Jasmine or the smell of cooking onions and garlic. It reminds me of my house in South Africa.

    The closet on your cloud will be filled with: Nothing. In heaven I’m naked.

    If heaven has an open bar, the signature cocktail will be: Campari orange or a Caipirinha.

    Kathryn Wirsing
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