Real Women's Dress Code

Stylish women share their secrets to creating personalized wardrobes that work overtime.

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    Holly Wiersma

    My most storied accessory: A blue sapphire and diamond ring that was given to me by my ex-mother-in-law, [famed interior designer] Tessa Kennedy. Grace Kelly gave it to her as a gift.

    Three rules to dress by: 1) Dress for yourself, not others. 2) Layer, layer, layer! 3) Be comfortable.

    Style note:"I hate it when people overaccessorize. Always remember, less is more!"

    Shirt $385, Isabel Marant Etoile; (212) 944-7900. Skirt $710, Isabel Marant; (212) 944-7900. Shoes Steven by Steve Madden, Wiersma's own.

    All other clothing and accessories Wiersma's own.

    Mark Leibowitz
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