A Nutritionist Dishes on How To Drop That Winter Weight

We visited the NYC kitchen of the celebrity chef and nutritionist behind Food Matters, Tricia Williams, who gave us a foolproof food plan that will have you feeling great (and shedding pounds!) just in time for summer.


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    Food Matters

    When we wanted to find out how to drop those pesky winter pounds that we inevitably packed on, we knew we couldn't mess around. This is why we consulted Tricia Williams, whose custom health-specific food service Food Matters targets the specific dietary needs and goals of each individual client. Not only does she deliver fresh, organic meals to their homes, she also counsels them on everything from the contents of their pantries to healthy ways to incorporate their favorite foods. Clearly, she means business.

    So, where to start? "There are three things I always remove from people's diets: gluten, sugar, and dairy," Tricia tells us. "I feel like no matter where people are in life, when you take those three things out, they feel so much better."

    As you read on, you'll notice that some of her suggestions for dietary substitutions might seem a little... extreme. She knows. "Just try one new thing every two weeks and see how you deal with it," Tricia advises. "The people who try and go radical and change everything honestly don't stick to it or end up getting away from it because it's overwhelming. So, baby steps!"

    Shanna Ravindra
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