Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of January 16.


Mercury is now working its way forward again through your solar 8th house of contracts and agreements. The implication is that anything you signed up for or otherwise agreed to in recent months can now be renegotiated. Consider carefully which contracts or promises, whether formal or informal, are not working for you. Then figure out what, exactly, would be preferable or acceptable; and then propose that, and see what happens. It may be that everyone involved wants better terms, or that your counterpart(s) have some needs of their own that they want addressed. You'll probably never know unless you speak up. This astrology relates to business and financial agreements, though it also potentially describes the terms of a sexual relationship. You don't need to do things the way your grandparents did. You and the people in your life are free to do whatever you mutually agree to. And you don't need anyone's permission to be yourself.

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