Leo Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of December 5.


If you want to have fun, then you must be willing to push your boundaries and take some personal risks. Don't worry about your dignity. Go out with your hair a mess and notice how warmly people respond to you. You don't always have to be seen as someone who has everything together all the time. Your astrology is suggesting that you hang a little loose, and give yourself permission to do what might not please the abundant parental figures that populate the world. Speaking of: who is playing that role in your life? Who, in your mind, might be concerned if you have 'too much' fun, or get friskier than usual? Check your relationship agreements carefully. Remember that if you have to ask permission, you're not relating to other people as adults, nor are they to you. The deeper theme of your project of having more fun than usual is about establishing level ground with the people who surround you.

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