Leo Weekly Horoscope

Here's what's in store for you the week of September 26.


Be generous with praise and compliments, and with sharing your knowledge. You have a lot to say, and it's time you said it. You have some genuine areas of both expertise and experience. However, you will need to focus what you know and what you've accomplished into a form that is relevant for others. This will involve reinterpreting what you know, and in a sense transforming, focusing and making it accessible. Yet if you can do this, you can actually feed yourself using your ideas. This would include any form of business activity on the internet, and many forms of creative work or consulting. The thing is, you need an angle. What you have possession of is like a library, or a mine full of ore. Now you must extract the useful ingredients and fashion them into something valuable. Once you've done that, connecting with those who will benefit is the easy half of the gig.

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