It recently dawned on me
that I am being too picky with the girls I date. After I thought about this idea in more depth, I realized
that I'm really no prize, so who am I to even be picky? I decided to try an exercise that is
very much against what I was taught to do.

I spent 14 years being
educated at a small private Quaker school. The experience was amazing, but it gave me too much self
worth. I distinctly remember a
story about an I.L.A.C sign that hangs invisibly around our necks. I.L.A.C stands for I Am Loveable And
Capable. It's taken me years to
even buy into this—and, you know what, I still haven't bought into it
completely. The story dictates
that every time someone says something hurtful, or crippling to you, a piece of
your I.L.A.C sign is broken off. If we go around hurting one another too much, then we are all left
broken, with no sense of I.L.A.C.

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But, I've been too picky
with the girls I want to date. Perhaps I am alone because I don't deserve anyone beautiful, special, or

So, instead of looking in
the mirror tonight and telling myself that I deserve someone great (I.L.A.C), I
will go over all of the things I don't like about myself. If I humble myself, and realize that I'm
not that special, perhaps my standards, which are impossibly high, will come
down and I will be more forgiving when a strand of a girl's hair seems out of

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So, here are the things I
don't like about myself and how I will correct them:

1. My Facial Hair

My eyebrows are too thick—like
the Grinch's. I also don't like where some of the hair on my face is. This is the biggest thing about my
appearance I wish I could change. It's been on my conscious since I was in Middle School.

SOLUTION: I've been going to this lady who lasers
the hell out of my face...yes, I admit it.

2. My Gut

Luckily, I seem to get by
with this. The Grinch has one too—hell,
maybe I am the Grinch. But, I'm
pretty happy with my physique other than my gut. I'd feel perfect if I could get rid of it.

SOLUTION: Run 45 minutes at least three times a
and stop eating such big portions. Wow, that doesn't seem fun at all.

3. My Dating Attitude

Remember when we first
met? I was going to re-vamp myself
as 2008 Rich? Yeah, he's still in
Beta. Just the other night I saw
and adorable girl in a bar and watched two really lame guys hit on her and get
rebuked. But, you know what? I am lamer than those guys because I
just stood there and admired her. I need to find that gear, get into it, try, try, try, fail, fail, fail...and
succeed at some point...and I have to want to succeed.

SOLUTION: Get up off my ass and meet people, and
remember the spirit of 2008 Rich.

4. Production

I should be writing more
music, more stories, writing more friends on email. I should be kicking ass at work. I should be taking trips home to help my parents around
their house. I should be sending
my nieces gifts. I should be
volunteering in soup kitchens, and making the world better because I was lucky
enough to be brought into this world and into a household that armed me with
the tools to do it.

SOLUTION: Grow up. Realize life is short. Try it little by little and build new habits. It's always possible. Research. Find things that kill two birds with one stone (#3 and #4 in
this case) like this cool dating service that matches up couples to do
volunteer work together
they are currently only serving NYC, but over the next year they plan to expand into other cities). Don't be afraid of the challenge of
powerful women
who do stuff like this.

I don't know if that was
particularly healthy to do. I
think it was fair to do though—since I am continuously writing about how I can't
find a girl because I'm so picky. Maybe I can't change those standards I have. But, I can change myself enough: improve while I'm that when I meet this amazing
girl, I can be up to her standards.

What things about
yourselves would you change? Do
you think it's helpful to, once in a while, look at the things you need to
change? Does it help you in
dating, relationships, and personal growth?

What do you think?