The Most Popular Pinterest Halloween Makeup Idea of 2018 Is... Unexpected

Would you wear it?

Halloween is just two weeks away, which means the countdown is officially on for you to figure out the most Instagram-worthy costume. But if a full-blown, head-to-toe costume sounds like an actual nightmare, why not try your hand at a makeup-only Halloween look—specifically, Pinterest’s most-searched Halloween beauty look of 2018?

The Costume

Pinterest, home of DIY crafts, recipes, clothing, makeup, toys, etc., has released its “Pinfrights,” i.e. its insights report for this year’s top trending Halloween ideas. Among the stats are the top trending “solo” costumes of the year (spoiler: It’s Tanya HardingMamma Mia, and Black Panther, among others), and the top “squad” costumes (surprise: avocado toast and The Incredibles).

But the easiest, most procrastinator-friendly costumes of all? Halloween beauty looks, which require nothing but a bunch of makeup and a somewhat steady hand. And the number-one, most-searched makeup look on Pinterest's list? Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yes, the 1999 terrifying “children’s” movie that’s supposedly “fun” and “harmless” is still going strong as a Halloween costume, and it makes sense: That shit still gives me nightmares as an adult. Plus, the beauty look itself is relatively easy—just apply a bunch of white face makeup, draw stitched lines with liquid eyeliner, and throw on a red wig. Boom.

Extra Ideas

But Sally isn’t your idea of a fun Halloween costume (even if it is popular right now), then you can try one of the other seven most-searched Halloween beauty looks on Pinterest right now, below. Happy haunting!

1. Leopard Prints

2. Pumpkin

3. Celestial

4. Optical Illusions

5. Fairy

6. Spiderweb Eyeliner


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