Surprise! Mandy Moore's Perfect Brows Are Microbladed

"New brows, new lease on life."

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Now that we're done dying over how good Mandy's Moore's new haircut looks — she hopped on the wavy bob bandwagon last month — it's time to acknowledge those amazing brows of hers. When people have full, defined, and nearly perfect arches, you probably assume they're naturally blessed with the best-looking brows. Sure, sometimes that could be the case, but Moore is upfront about her love for microblading, which she credits her good brow fortune to.

Recently, the actress took to Instagram stories to show off her freshly microbladed brows done by celebrity brow artist Kristie Streicher. She captioned the picture: "New brows, new lease on life." Word.

Streicher, who is based in Beverly Hills, used her signature technique of "microfeathering" on Moore. Microfeathering is a specific technique that creates tiny incisions in the brow to deposit pigment onto each hair follicle, using a very defined blade that makes for a more natural finish.

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According to Streicher's site, it will last from eight to 12 months and she recommends two appointments for the full effect, which costs a total of $1,200.

Moore's previously microfeathered brows just needed a touch-up. Streicher shows below what that entails:

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It seems like Moore's been getting microbladed by Streicher for over two years, according to this IG picture and those beautiful brows.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of scary microblading stories out there. After proper research, I suggest you go to a trained professional if you're considering the procedure. Moore is proof that this treatment has longevity, and can be an easy, enjoyable experience.

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