Kendall Jenner on Moon's New Teeth-Whitening Pen and Her 2019 Vibe

"Whenever I use it, I see immediate results," she told me.

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You can say what you want about the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, but you can't say they aren't business moguls steadily making money moves. Kendall Jenner, the supermodel sister, typically stays in her lane—you know, walking the most notable designer runways and booking the biggest fashion campaigns in the world. But recently, Jenner announced a new venture that's quite...different.

Jenner just launched an oral care collaboration with a new company called Moon, created by Shaun Neff, for which she co-created her very own product. Moon is doing oral care the cool way, and aims to change the way you look at taking care of your teeth. Though this isn't Jenner's first beauty business move: She's been the face of Estée Lauder for years, and earlier this year she revealed a campaign with Proactiv.

Moon consists of all cruelty-free and vegan oral products under $20. Using healthy antioxidants and botanical essential oils, Neff is focused on tapping into unchartered territories in dental hygiene: these products curate a space of sleek black-and-white packaging you'll want to look at.

"The category was so boring before, and I wanted to create something that will look gorgeous on your shelf and just as good as your other beauty products, like fragrance," Neff told me. "This is why we spent a lot of time on the design with a talented team of developers to create something special in oral care." According to the brand, you can expect "better designs, better intentions, and better-for-you ingredients to elevate the act of taking care of your teeth to an oral beauty experience."

To complement her crazy busy lifestyle, Jenner created a whitening pen. "I'm so busy and constantly on-the-go and traveling—so, it makes sense for me to have something that's easy to throw in my bag that brightens my smile instantly," Jenner exclusively told in an interview. "And it actually works. Whenever I use it, I see immediate results."

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Her other favorite thing from the line? The charcoal toothpaste. "My sisters and I have always been obsessed with charcoal toothpastes. But they're so messy and get all over your sink. This formula lightly foams, and instead of turning everything jet-black, it has a light grey color."

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In terms of her morning routine, Jenner religiously cleanses her skin morning and night. "I've struggled with acne for so long, and Proactiv is the one product that really works for my skin," she shared. "My skin has changed a lot over the years. As we grow and evolve we figure out what works for us and what doesn't. I'm so happy to be in a good place now and to know what's right for my skin."

When asked what's been her biggest beauty lesson, Jenner didn't pin-point just one. "With growth comes so many lessons. I'd say that my vibe for 2019 is less is more." You heard Kenny right: Less is more.

Moon is available to shop on and will be available at Ulta in the coming weeks.

Shop Kendall Jenners' Teeth Whitening Pen and Favorite Oral Care Products

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