You Can Easily DIY Beyoncé's Latest Manicure

Here's what polish you're going to need.

Beyonce Nude Manicure
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Beyoncé's makeup and fashion choices as of late have one thing in common: A love and appreciation for all things monochromatic. The 42-year-old has been turning out color-coordinated look after color-coordinated look lately, with her mono-toned preferences ranging from the brightest silvers to the softest creams. Her latest hue of choice? A perfect light pink, which she recently wore head to toe (and fingers!) while sipping fancy wine with her husband Jay Z.

In a new series of photos posted to her Instagram feed on Sunday, December 17, the Grammy winner showed off the pale look, which centered around a pair of sequin Prada hot pants. While the briefs were glimmering and her platinum blonde locks were doing their thing, her manicure was shining in its simplicity. The best part: It's a design that anyone could easily replicate at home.

Beyonce Nude Manicure

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While Beyoncé has been known for some wild nail art—remember her "UNIQUE" chrome tips from this summer?—she chose to go easy on her manicurist this time around. As the photos show, the mother of three opted for a soft, nude-pink shade that matched her matte lipstick perfectly. The nails themselves were almond-shaped and medium in length. (If you, like me, are good for a consistent mega-zoom on her Instagram photos, you'd know it's the same shape look she's been sporting for the last few months. When she's not wearing gloves, at least.)

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While the singer didn't share the exact shade she used, I have some ideas. It could be OPI's sweet creamy nude "Dulce de Leche" (a true staple), Essie's soft mauve "Lady Like," or Dior's "Nude Look."

Honestly, there's no way you can go wrong with a color like this. Grab a glossy topcoat, and you're basically a superstar.

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