7 Havana Twists Styles to Bookmark and Take to Your Stylist

Your prettiest look yet is on the horizon.

Woman with Havana Twists Hairstyle
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Twisted hairstyles come in so many stunning iterations—think flat, Marley, passion, Senegalese, and Havana twists. Each style has its own set of characteristics and gives off a unique vibe; Havana twists are known for being pretty large in size and are installed using coarsely textured Havana hair. And like most protective styles, Havana twists are low-tension and super easy to maintain. Although you may end up spending a lot of your day—six to eight hours— in a salon chair to get these babies installed, the payoff is great: four to six weeks of freedom, and you won't need to manipulate and style your hair every day. Even better, the twists allow for moisturizing and co-washing as you please, so you can maintain your healthy scalp and natural strands. A win-win in my book! Keep scrolling for gorgeous Havana twists styles to try ASAP.

1. Crochet Twists 

How gorgeous are these jumbo Havana twists, complete with silver hair cuffs? The beauty in this particular look is that you're able to achieve this style in half the time using the crochet method.

2. Havana Twists In Pigtails

Keep your look cute and fun like actor Ashley Blaine by pulling your Havana twists up into two high ponys or wrapping your twists around to create space buns.

3. Chunky Jet Black Twists

If you're brave enough to DIY this hairstyle, look to Whitney White's step-by-step YouTube tutorial for easily installing your Havana twists using the invisible root method.

4. Two-Toned Havana Twists 

From her gorgeous skin tone to her dreamy bronze makeup look and twists, there's just so much beauty in this photo. Complement your glowing skin by recreating these medium-sized chocolate two-toned twists.

5. Chunky Ombré Twists

Here's another flattering color idea to inspire you. Jazz up your twists by going for rich ombré ends.

6. Curly Havana Twists 

For an effortless boho finish, complete the ends of your long twists with spiraled curls.

7. Fierce Red Havana Twists 

Take note of these gorgeous red highlighted twists when considering your next style or hair color. Incorporating a vibrant color into your twists is the perfect way to a) take your look to the next level and b) step outside of your comfort zone.

Chelsea Hall

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