Sophie Turner Shares How Much Her Feet Hurt on the 'Dark Phoenix' Press Tour

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    • Because she's awesome, Sophie shared on her Instagram stories a shot of their feet, complete with toe blisters (owwwwww).
      • Sophie just gave us the most major eyeshadow look as part of her promotion of Dark Phoenix, and we have all the details.

        Sophie Turner is the most relatable person on the planet, and I love her for it. She's recently been doing a press tour for her upcoming movie Dark Phoenix, part of the new X-Men franchise. Sophie's the main character Jean Grey, and it's her first big role since just finishing Game of Thrones (she's been sooo busy). But just because she's all glammed up doesn't mean she doesn't still have time to be real with her fans, because on her Instagram Stories she posted a shot of her and Jessica Chastain's feet, complete with toe blisters, from all the press work they've been doing together.

        Captioning the photo "sexy feet," the photo shows them popping their pinky toes out of their very glamorous pointed shoes, which are both super-red and blistery. Oh my God, I thought I was the only person who did that! I am such a baby when it comes to shoes and I will do anything and everything to alleviate the pressure, up to and including taking my shoes off and standing on the ground in my bare feet. Also, that blister situation is exactly the reason I can't wear pointed shoes anymore (profound sigh).

        Here's the pic:

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        Owwwwww. Sophie Turner: Always giving the best, most human details about her life.

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